Family legacy since 1860

Our olive oil is a family matter, for over 160 years. Run by the fifth generation of the Vassiliadis-Drekolias family since 1860, we carry on a long family legacy in the olive cultivation. Our rich family tradition has ensured that the craftsmanship and expertise in making premium quality olive oil have been passed down from one generation to the next. There is an enduring family spirit and hard work coupled with age-old, artisanal practices to produce a signature olive oil of premium quality in accordance to our values. 


Our family estate is situated outside the picturesque seaside village Kalo Nero, within the region Messenia. It is traditionally the top olive-producing region in Greece. The village is near both the regional capital Kalamata and the historical birthplace of the Olympic Games, Ancient Olympia.


When you choose our olive oil, you enjoy the very same oil our family does every day, a pure and unspoiled extra virgin olive oil straight from our own olive groves.


Taste the authenticity. With every drop you share a piece of our rich heritage.