OLIVE LEGACY tells the story of our land, Messenia, which has been the centre of olive oil production since antiquity. Naturally, olive oil has been Messenia's signature product ever since.


Our family estate is located in the region Messenia, southwest Greece, in the heartland of a traditional olive-oil-producing area with a millennia-old heritage. Here, the very ancient and the contemporary seem to share the same fundamentals: a unique terroir, the warmth of its people, and likely, the best olive oil in the world.

All time classic

Olive oil is quintessentially Greek. Its story in Messenia is as old as Greece itself. For us, olive oil has been an adorned element of our social, cultural and economic life for 5,000 years. Read more.

Ancient wisdom

Since ancient times, Greeks were aware of the benefits of extra virgin olive oil. 


Curious what Homer, Hippocrates, and other famous ancient Greeks had to say about olive oil? Read more.

Olive oil still reigns today

Today, our rich heritage still drives us and olive oil remains our land's signature product. Greece is a leading country in olive oil production. It also has the world's highest olive oil consumption per capita, since the olive oil is being the cornerstone of the Greek diet. Read more.