Our olive oil

Premium quality, family produced

Our Premium EVOO is not the average olive oil. Produced from our family estate, it is always first cold pressed and of limited quantity. It is of the highest quality, and full of polyphenols for good health. We craft our artisanal EVOO with care, following our family legacy since 1860. Our EVOO is produced in Messenia, Greece, a region with an ancient tradition in olive cultivation.


Indulge your senses with its rich flavour and aroma. Taste its authenticity. With every drop, you share its premium quality and heritage.

How it's made

Early harvesting

The harvesting time and method are important and determine the olive oil's quality. For our olive oil, we opt for a trade-off of quality over quantity. Harvesting green unripe olives early in the season gives us little olive oil but it's full of polyphenols (antioxidants). Late harvesting of overripe olives yields more olive oil, but of lower quality, due to lower amounts of polyphenols.


We harvest the olives by hand in the traditional method used since antiquity. This is a tough and labour-intensive task. We use special equipment to gather the olives clean and undamaged. Damaged olives, like other fruits, oxidise when their skin is bruised, and lower the quality of the olive oil.


Next, our olives are packed into eco-friendly jute sacks. Jute is a 100% natural and durable material. Then, the olives are transported quickly to the olive mill where they will be pressed almost immediately.

Olive oil production

In the olive mill, our olive oil is freshly produced exclusively via first cold press to guarantee high quality and rich flavour and aroma. There, the olives are washed and forwarded to a steel crusher which crushes them into olive paste. In each tank, the olive paste is grinded by rotating steel blades to allow the olive oil droplets to bundle together. Then, the olive oil is separated via centrifugation from the pomace waste (olive flesh, skin and pit) and water. Next, our olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks before bottling.

What makes our extra virgin olive oil premium?

Cold press

Our olives are cold pressed at a maximum temperature of 27°C to maintain the high levels of  micro nutrients such as polyphenols, antioxidants, and vitamins that give EVOO its health benefits.  Producers of inferior quality olive oil apply heat to the pressing process to maximise oil extraction, but destroy the micro nutrients in the process. At Olive Legacy we do not compromise on quality.

First press

First press means the olives were crushed only once to produce our extra virgin olive oil. Olive oils of inferior quality come from further pressing the olive pomace waste of the first pressing, extracting more oil out of it under high temperature and further chemically refining it. These lower quality oils, often designated as 'traditional', have none of the health benefits of quality extra virgin olive oil.

Early harvest

Our olives are harvested early (Oct-Nov) to produce a premium EVOO. By not waiting until the olives fully ripen (Dec-Jan), we have a lower yield, but a higher quality EVOO. Our premium EVOO offers health benefits as it is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and vitamins, while olive oil from a late harvest contains lower amounts of these.

Family estate

The EVOO of Olive Legacy is exclusively produced from the homegrown koroneiki olives on our family estate. This way our family business can always guard the quality of our premium olive oil. Taste the authenticity of our premium extra virgin olive oil. With every drop you share in our rich heritage, the legacy of our forefathers.

Quality seal Kalamata olive oil PDO-status

Our oil has the status of Kalamata Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), a quality seal of the European Union (EU). The Kalamata PDO-status is unique and region-specific: it is only produced in the Messenia region of which Kalamata is the capital. By law, the free acidity (oleic acid) of extra virgin olive oil must not exceed 0.8%. However, Kalamata PDO olive oil has even stricter requirements: the free acidity may not exceed 0.5%. The lower the acidity of the olive oil, the higher the quality. We are proud that Olive Legacy EVOO has a free acidity level no higher than 0.3%!