Our story

The story of our family business in olive oil is closely linked to rich history of our region Messenia (Kalamata) in Greece. Olive oil from this region is of exceptional quality and guaranteed by the EU-quality seal of Kalamata Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Family business since 1860

For us, olive oil is a family matter. We pride ourselves for our family legacy in crafting great olive oil. Our estate with its centuries-old olive trees has been run by the Vassiliadis-Drekolias family for 5 generations. Craftsmanship in olive oil making has been passed down from one generation to the next.


We bring our olive oil directly from our groves to the table. When you choose our olive oil, you enjoy the very same oil we do every day. Taste its authenticity. With every drop, you share a piece of its rich family tradition.


Click on the interactive timeline below to see the milestones of our family business.


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