Olive oil still reigns today

Today, our rich heritage still drives us and olive oil remains our land's signature product. Greece is a leading country in olive oil production. It also has the world's highest olive oil consumption per capita, since the olive oil is being the cornerstone of the Greek diet.


When it comes to olive oil, Messenia is the best place for it. It is the leading olive oil producing region in Greece with its renowned Kalamata olive oil. The whole region is essentially a vast olive grove, containing an astonishing 15 million olive trees! As a result, Messenia yields a stunning 20% of Greece's total olive oil production! 


Messenia's timeless legacy in producing quality olive oil has been recognised by the European Union (EU). Messenian olive oil has been awarded the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, as Kalamata PDO. This status is exclusive to the olive oil produced solely in Messenia, recognising its authenticity, unique terroir and heritage as the signature product of our land.

Greek extra virgin olive oil